The most beautiful films of 2017

The most beautiful films of 2017

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La La Land, Dunkirk, Silence, Arrival and others… our votes on the just concluded year.

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Premise: this is a game that has the sole purpose of recommending, to whom might have missed them, the movies that, in our opinion should be seen and loved, though, of course, everyone has their own preferences. Like last year, this isn’t necessarily the ranking of the best movies of the year (though someone could state otherwise) but of the most loved ones; everyone chose the movies that they liked, no matter the objective merits (that are hard to measure anyway).
We hope this list will serve the readers as a way to compare and, above all, as a way to retrieve all the movies that one might have missed. However the objective merit is invalidated by specific considerations: each one of us chose their own top 10, though who watches a lot of movies would have liked to pick at least 20… and a very loved movie like Wonder received only 2 votes, probably because of the fact that it came out at the end of the year (like every movie of the start of the new year, though our consultations started after Christmas) and because of our constant praises on other social media: haven’t we praised it enough?

Anyway, these are the results of the top tens of our 15 “voters”: in alphabetical order, Antonio Autieri, Raffaele Chiarulli, Letizia Cilea, Riccardo Copreni, Laura Cotta Ramosino, Luisa Cotta Ramosino, Emanuela Genovese, Massimo Gianvito, Alessandro Giuntini, Beppe Musicco, Marianna Ninni, Natalia Pistsova, Stefano Radice, Pietro Sincich and Maria Triberti. First of all, there’s a tie at the top of the charts: with 13 votes both La La Land and Dunkirk triumph; right behind them there’s another tie on the podium: with 11 votes, Arrival and Silence. Manchester by the Sea and Tutto quello che vuoi (first Italian movie) follow with 8 votes and another Italian movie, Ammore e malavita with 7. Then, with 5 votes, Blade Runner 2049, Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 and Hacksaw Ridge. Of the movies that received 4 votes we have The Other Side of Hope, Logan – The Wolverine and Spiderman: Homecoming. Redoubtable and Lasciati Andare (3 votes); Detroit, Jackie, La ragazza nella nebbia, The Insult, Loveless, The Teacher, Through the Wall and Wonder (2 votes). Lastly, a highlight for these movies: Chez Nous, Allied, Murder on the Orient Express, Fences, Borg McEnroe, Patriots Day, Footprint, The Salesman, Viceroy’s House, Kong: Skull Island, A Cure for Wellness, The Sense of an Ending, The Light Between Oceans, Wonder Wheel, La tortue rouge, L’avenir, The Order of Things, Mexico! Un cinema alla riscossa, Moonlight (winner of the Oscar in March 2017), Miss Sloane, Nico, 1988, Shin Godzilla, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, The Big Sick, The Founder, The Greatest Showman, The Place, Toni Erdmann, Victoria and Abdul and Wonder Woman.

53 titles, even though these charts allow only 10 per person: the true verdict, for us, is that in a year there are a lot of movies to watch, despite what people say about the cinema industry “dying” and going through a “crisis” and so on. And because of this we launched a new Facebook page: Viva il Cinema! In order to reach more people that perhaps never had the chance to experience what this small but passionate community that is Sentieri del Cinema is (a community that, however, has the desire to grow and hopes to get luck and economical support in the near future). We know that we can already count on a lot of friends: never before have we experienced such an explosion in our – for now – little numbers in between Christmas recommendations (the editorial on festive suggestions reached a record number of views for us), reviews of very loved movies (Wonder, for example, and the most voted movies in the charts, as Silence, are the most viewed of the year and of always) and also connections on the Facebook page, that’s never been so lively. We know that the people who follow us share our opinion: the cinema is still alive, long live the cinema!

Antonio Autieri (Translation: Benedetta Volpe)

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